GVDS Summertime Show

June 5 & 6, 2021

USEF Level 2 Dressage Competition

2021 Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championship Qualifier

GVDS/USDF/AQHA recognized


Judge: Melissa Creswick, USEF “S” Dressage, “R” Western Dressage

TD: Debbie Moloznik, “r," (818) 515-0377

Opening date: May 3, 2021       Closing date: May 17, 2021


Mesa County Fairgrounds

2785 US-50, Grand Junction, Colorado 81503

Show manager: Pat White, (970) 434-4516

Show secretary: Darby Savoca, (970) 314-1454

Premium list (Prize list) and entry form  (This premium list & entry list is for the Summertime Recognized show. View the June schooling show.)

All tests

  • A reminder that all GVDS shows, schooling and recognized, operate under USEF/USDF guidelines. We allow for some flexibility on our schooling shows but are strict with our recognized shows.

  • Please remember that helmets are required for ALL riders 18 years of age and under whenever mounted at all shows. Schooling shows permit adult western dressage riders to not wear helmets but do require ALL classical dressage riders to wear a helmet when mounted.

  • Please refer to USEF, DR 119 Participation in Dressage Competition for more information about how many classes a horse can be ridden in at a show. https://www.usef.org/forms-pubs/F3p8pgrWgAo/dr-dressage-division

    • 1: No horse may be ridden more than once in any Dressage class (including separate divisions or sections of the same class). This is applicable for the same horse being ridden by multiple riders at the same level.

    • 2: Horses are limited to a maximum of three Dressage rides per day at Fourth Level and below or two Dressage rides per day above Fourth Level. Horses competing at both Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges, or their equivalents, are limited to two Dressage rides per day. Horses competing in FEI Para-Equestrian tests are limited to a maximum of two Dressage rides per day including non-Para-Equestrian FEI, USEF, or USDF tests. FEI Para-Equestrian tests may be ridden at non-consecutive levels to USDF, USEF, and other FEI tests. Horses may enter no more than two consecutive levels, Freestyle levels included, at any one competition. This is applicable to horses being shown both western and classical dressage or horses being shown by multiple riders.

  • If you plan to ride a musical freestyle, you must bring two (2) CDs. Please check to be sure that the CDs play on a standard CD player before the show.  Per DR 129.6a. Musical Freestyle Ride, there is no designated format.  The show will not permit music to be played from a phone or other device.  Musical Freestyle Sound Checks will be held at 7:30 am on Friday, June 4 or at pre-arranged time with the Show Secretary.

  • We will be using a secondary gate for exiting following the completion of a ride at the “C” end of the arena. This will be appropriately marked as well as being guided by the announcer and bit checker.

  • FOR THE RECOGNIZED SHOW ONLY, June 5-6, we will be adhering to ALL USEF COVID requirements which are more restrictive than local regulations. Please read this document for complete information in the COVID Tool Kit.  https://www.usef.org/media/covid19-toolkit  Failure for the show, its exhibitors and/or spectators to comply with these rules, can result in IMMEDIATE stoppage of the show by the TD and future exclusion of GVDS to hold recognized shows.  A few highlights for everyone to know and be prepared to follow:

    • Masks must be worn by everyone on the grounds, except while riding. Exhibitors are encouraging to keep a mask around their neck or in their pocket so it can be put back on when leaving the ring and before dismounting. 

    • We will be enforcing the 6’ social distancing – essentially one lunge whip length’s distance between people.

    • Only one exhibitor will be permitted in the office at a time. This could result in a delay during busy times of the day.  Please plan accordingly.

    • COVID releases are required for all exhibitors, trainers, grooms, and spectators. Exhibitors can not pick up their entry packet without the release. 

    • Daily, between 6:30am and 3pm, there will be person stationed at the entrance to the show parking area. Everyone must be temperature checked and have a colored wristband issued to them.  There will be different colored wristbands for each day.  For individuals who are camping on the grounds, you must go to this check-in point and receive a new wristband each day.  Failure to have an appropriate wristband could result in a delay later in the day for riding, coaching or spectating.

    • We will have individuals who act as COVID Compliance officers on the grounds. They will be reminding people about masks, social distancing, etc.  Chronic offenders could be asked to leave the show, so please help us not have to do that to anyone.


If you have any questions about any of these items, please direct your questions to Pat White, our show manager.  970.216.0056 (c) or pwhite9882@aol.com

Important Information