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Awards Program

The Grand Valley Dressage Society (GVDS) offers its own year-end awards program to highlight the exceptional talent of our members, and their horses, recognize our outstanding volunteers, and thank our sponsors.  All GVDS shows, schooling and recognized, are considered equal, hence a wonderful opportunity for all our showing riders to earn an award.  

Our annual holiday dinner offers a chance to recognize each other's achievements through our awards and foster camaraderie among our members .

Important to Remember

The full description of our Awards Program, a list of eligible shows, and minimum requirements for qualifying are contained in this document: Grand Valley Dressage 2021 Year-End Award Rules.

Here are two important things to remember about your eligibility for earning an award:

  • In order to be eligible to receive year-end awards, members must volunteer a minimum of two (2) hours, or become a Platinum Sponsor. Contact Barbara Progess, Volunteer Coordinator (, or 801-721-7111) to volunteer at a show. Contact any GVDS officer to volunteer in another capacity.

  • Owner and rider must be current GVDS/RMDS members or GVDS Supporting Members at the time scores are accrued, so if you are not a member, join today! (Pony Club members are not required to be GVDS members - please refer to the rules document for information.)

2020 Award Winners

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GVDS Volunteer of the Year

Barbara Progess

Classical Dressage Award Winners

Chamption TL.png

Champion Training Level Open:
Thorwald, Susan Radka owner, Sophia Harris, rider 


Champion First Level, Adult Amateur:
Pepe, Krista Nobilo, owner & rider,

First Level Open Champion.png

Champion First Level Open:
Majors Winnin Chex, Connie Klauzer owner, Sophia Harris rider,

Champion 2nd level open.png

Champion Second Level, Adult Amateur:
Carrie Washburn owner & rider, Eros Myth,

Champion second level open.png

Champion Second Level Open:
Nitro Lady Cinda, Connie Klauzer, owner;  Sophia Harris, rider

Western Dressage Award Winners

Champion Basic AA.png

Champion Basic, Adult Amateur:
Sonic Chic Dream, owned & ridden by Leigh Taylor;

Reserve Champion Basic AA.png

Reserve Champion Basic, Adult Amateur:
Mister in Motion, owned & ridden by Terry Yates,

Basic 3rd place AA.png

Basic 3rd Place, Adult Amateur:
Montana’s Northern Lights, owned & ridden by Leigh Burnham,

Champion Level 1 AA.png

Champion Level 1, Adult Amateur:
Zorro’s Whispering Spirit, owned & ridden by Leiah Burnham,

Champion Level 1 Open.png

Champion Level 1, Open:
Majors Winnin Chex, Connie Klauzer owner, Sophia Harris rider,

Champion Level 2 Open.png

Champion Level 2 Open:
Nitro Lady Cinda, Connie Klauzer owner, Sophia Harris rider,