GVDS offers diverse show opportunities for classical and western dressage members and riders of all experience levels. These shows include schooling opportunities for young horses and riders just getting started through nationally recognized USDF/USEF, WDAA, and WDACO competitions. In addition, we offer a robust year-end awards program!

Check out this show info below:​

  • 2022 Show calendar

  • Info on our schooling shows

  • Info on our recognized (RMDS/USDF) shows

More for your Show

Whether you're brand new to the show ring or a centerline whiz, our list of show resources has something for everyone.


At The Show

Come ride at the main arena at the fairgrounds. Open ride time from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. is free to GVDS members and associates.
Open ride at Mesa County Fairgrounds
Judge Dolly Hannon. "S" Dressage; "R" Western Dressage RMDS/WDAA/WDACO approved
Summertime Warm-up (aka Schooling Show II)
Judges Janet Foy, 5* FEI and Dolly Hannon "S".
Alpine Bank presents GVDS Summertime I
Judge Janet Foy, 5* FEI
Alpine Bank presents GVDS Summertime II
Judge Sharron Sarchet "r" Dressage, "R" Western Dressage. WDAA/WDACO/AQHA approved
Schooling Show III
Judge Carol Cunefare “L”;
Schooling Show IIII

2022 GVDS Shows

All our shows are held at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, Grand Junction 

Prize lists and more details coming soon.

For more information, contact our show secretary : Darby Savoca 


GVDS Schooling Shows

Schooling shows offer a fun atmosphere for all levels of exhibitors and horses to practice their rides. They are also great for introducing young or new horses to the show atmosphere; setting learning objectives; and having fun. Schooling shows include judging with scoring and comments; scores count towards GVDS, WDAA, and WDACO awards and new for 2022 - the USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program.

GVDS & RMDS Recognized Shows

Recognized shows are the top tier of GVDS dressage competitions. They are licensed by  USEF and USDF, follow USEF and USDF show rules, and offer classes from Training Level through Fourth Level, Freestyles, and FEI tests. GVDS and RMDS shows that are not recognized by USDF and USEF also offer Introductory classes, which are eligible for year-end awards in both organizations.  


You and your horse must be members of the USEF and USDF organizations to compete in these events.


Interested in competing at the RMDS Championship Show in September? Here are the rules for qualifying and entering that show.

To compete at the USDF Region 5 Championships, you must obtain your scores from Licensed shows and be a USDF Participating Member at the time scores are earned. Please see the USDF website for more information.