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Volunteers are the heart and soul of GVDS and make possible everything we do. Consider becoming a volunteer to help GVDS, to learn more about our sport, to make new friends, and to earn end-of-year rewards! Contact Barbara Progess, our Volunteer Coordinator to talk through your options!

We need volunteers for our upcoming Summertime Warmup Show, Summertime Show I & II - and it's easy to sign up! You can check out all the open opportunities for both days  and sign up instantly!


Summertime Warm-Up Show - Sign Up

Summertime Show I- Sign Up

Summertime Show II- Sign Up


Work at a show or clinic - or volunteer for a committee, it's up to you - we can use you in a variety of places and ways. Below are some of the ways you can help out.


There are a number of jobs available for volunteers at all our shows. Competitors, don't be afraid to volunteer - we'll work with you to schedule around your ride times! 

Arena crew—Sets up and takes down the arena at shows and during arena maintenance.

Ring steward—Minds the ring schedule, manages the warm-up, performs bit/whip checks.

Scribe—Transcribes for judges (great way to learn/improve tests at all levels).   

Want more info on this job? Here are some videos with more specifics (courtesy of Pine Hill Enterprises):

Warm-up steward (ring steward)


Bit checker

Runners—Transports scores from the judges stand to the office for scoring.

Want more info on this job? Here's another video!

Awards Table—Signs out ribbons and awards to competitors.

Scorer and Scoring Assistants—Tabulates tests, posts scores, pins classes.




Clinics are more labor intensive than you might imagine, too. Volunteer at one of our clinics for the fun AND the education!​

  • Arena crewSets up arena when needed and helps with arena maintenance.

  • Lunch crew—Arranges for snacks and lunch for clinician and participants when lunch is provided.​

  • Hospitality—Greets auditors and collects money when needed for those not pre-registered for the event.


From communications to shows to sponsorships, GVDS committee work is vital to the health of our club. Check out a list of our committees and contact the committee chair to volunteer in one that interests you. Committee work is also counted towards your volunteer awards!


The Volunteer Awards program was developed to earn various levels of rewards based on your volunteer hours. Your accumulated volunteer hours will fulfill your requirement for End of Year awards, and, in addition will qualify you for the rewards listed below. We have many opportunities for you to volunteer.

  • You need a minimum of two volunteer hours at a GVDS event to qualify for End of Year Awards. You may volunteer at any GVDS schooling show, recognized shows, or GVDS-sponsored events to earn hours towards end of year awards. Volunteer time can also be earned serving on GVDS committees.


  • If you have a minimum of eight volunteer hours you are eligible for a GVDS apparel and lunch (when available at the event where you are volunteering).


  • All volunteers with a minimum of eight hours will be entered in a drawing at the end of year banquet for $150 toward any GVDS-sponsored schooling show or clinic. At least four of these hours must be at a GVDS-sponsored show or clinic. For every eight hours you volunteer your name will be entered in the drawing—doubling or tripling your chances to win. GVDS Board members are not eligible for this drawing.


  • You are responsible for recording and ensuring you are credited for all hours worked. Contact the volunteer coordinator if there are discrepancies.  Enter your volunteer activities here.

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