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GVDS Board & Committee Members

Executive Committee

Karen Harkin, President

Phone:  (303)489-9487


Judi DeVore, Vice President and Programs Chairperson

Phone:  (970) 210-3418


Arlene Rhodes, Secretary

Phone:  (970) 201-1779


Susan Gregg, Treasurer

Phone:  (970) 216-3131


GVDS Committees

Communications Chairperson - Linda Chadwick-Wirth

(Newsletter, Website and Social Media)

Phone:  (970) 773-1480



Committee Members:

  • Inka Spatafora-Sponsors
  • Kelly Schultz-Social Media

  • Carrie Washburn-Graphics

  • Judi DeVore-Education

  • Karen Harkin-RMDS liaison

Points Chairperson-Cindy Petersen

Phone: (970) 210-9000


Awards Co-Chairpersons

Cindy Petersen

Phone: (970) 210-9000


Carrie Washburn


Volunteer Coordinator-Barbara Progess

Phone: 801-721-7111


Sponsorship Chairperson-Inka Spatafora

Phone: (970 260-2660


Education/Clinics Chairperson-Megan Bretey

Phone:  (970) 250-5812


Show Secretary-Darby Savoca

Phone: (970) 314-1454


Show Manager-Pat White

Phone: (970) 434-4516


Interested in helping the GVDS organization?

Of special need for 2023 is to fill the positions of show coordinator and show manager. Here's what those poitions entail:


Show coordinator

The position might be for you if you are a detail-oriented sort who likes planning and arranging events.

Basic duties are:

  • Negotiate for all dates with the Mesa County Fairgrounds.  Execute appropriate contracts.

  • Hire all judges for recognized and schooling shows.  Seek to identify new judges that meet the requirements for both classical and western dressage requirements.

  • Prepare and execute contracts with officials.  

  • Review all contracts annually for compliance with current requirements as well as market and environmental conditions, ie. costs of travel, lodging, per diem expenses, etc.

  • Hire technical delegate for recognized shows.

  • Arrange all travel, lodging and hospitality for all officials.  Make reservations as necessary.

  • Arrange for any substitution of any officials or necessary services for the officials.

Coming soon, a description of the show manager position.

Of course, we can always use help with any of the committees that strike your interest! If you'd like to be more involved, please reach out to the committee chairperson for the activity you'd like to help with.

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