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Over the years, the GVDS newsletter has brought to its members training articles and clinic reports. Just as horses do not change their natures or requirements, good training is timeless. So here is a treasure trove of our collective knowledge share throughout the years.

General Education Articles


A Report from the August, 2021

Jennifer Roth Clinic

Notes, tips, and exercises from the clinic with Jennifer


A Trainer's Tips: Jennifer Weber

Local trainer Jennifer Weber writes about the first rung of the training scale, and more specifically, forward energy

Dolly Hannon 2.png

Dolly Hannon Clinic 2020-Report from Participants

Participants report on the highlights and learnings from their rides with Dolly Hannon.


How to Embrace Incompetence in Dressage

To learn any skill, everyone goes through the four stages of competence. The joy of this sport (and the horror) is that you will run into these four stages again and again as you progress.

Clinic Reports

General Education

GVDS Sponsored Lunge Clinic a Huge Success!

From your position on the ground to your position in the saddle, learning to lunge effectively can make a drastic difference in the progress you make with your horse.

louise koch.jpg

Riding a Better Test: Tips from a Judge

Louise Koch, judge for one of our GVDS sanctioned shows, , shared her thoughts about what the riders she judged could collectively do better. Here is a synopsis of her comments.


Notes and Thoughts from the February, 2021 Sue Martin Clinic

Riders and auditors share their notes from their clinic with Sue Martin.


The Amateur’s Guide to Creating Your Own Freestyle

Judi DeVore designs her own freestyles and was the RMDS Region 5 1st-Level Freestyle Champion in 2019 and 7th at the USDF Nationals the same year with a freestyle she designed herself. Here she shares thoughts and tips on creating a freestyle of your own!

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