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GVDS promotes continual-learning opportunities through its sponsored clinics and by helping to promote clinics put on by its members. These clinics offer a wide variety of opportunities be it through mounted lessons, lunging lessons, or dismounted body-work sessions. Throughout the year, you can find clinics that offer new perspectives and information that will help both you and your horse advance in your journey together.


Cavaletti Play Day

GVDS Cavaletti Play Day - Rescheduled!

Wednesday, May 5, 2024 1:00 PM-3:00 PM  

Roy Yates Horse Training Center

2033 J Road

Fruita, CO

Bring your horses and ponies to come and play with us!

Location: Roy Yates Horse Training Center
GVDS Youth Camp

New for 2024!  Grand Valley Dressage Society (GVDS) is offering a three-day day camp for youth aged 9-18.  

It will be held at the Mesa County Fairgrounds on June 24-26, 9 AM – 4 PM. 

Cost for all three days is $75.

The camp will be centered around horse management skills such as groundwork, basic horse care, equine first aid, braiding, bandaging, grooming, appropriate turnout for horse and rider. It’s all about learning to be the best horse owner or horse caregiver you can be.  But this camp is also about enjoying your ponies or horses.  Afternoons will be dedicated to riding games or group lessons on a variety of topics.

A horse is needed for this camp.  The $75 entry fee pays for a day stall for your horse and breakfast for the camper.  Campers need to bring a sack lunch.  Several local dressage professionals and GVDS members are donating their time and talents to this camp experience, so it will be packed with educational activities and fun.

Parents can volunteer as chaperones or lunch providers. This volunteer time can be donated to your child for necessary volunteer hours to qualify for GVDS Year-End Awards.  To learn more about volunteering and to help, see Sign-Up:

For questions about the Camp, please contact Camp organizer Barbara Progess or 801.721.7111

Location: Mesa County Fairgrounds


Solving the Bit Fitting Mystery


  • Is your horse heavy in the contact, afraid of the contact, chewing the bit too vigorously,having tension,   tongue or mouth issues?

  • Have you purchased a bit or bridle thinking it would be the perfect answer to your horse’s

  • Problems only to discover it’s worse than the original tack and now you are stuck with it?

  • Ever wished you could try on a multitude of bit or bridle options to see which your horse

  • prefers without having to purchase them all?


International rider and trainer, Kim Gentry from Bits and Such will be at Roy Yates Horse

Training in Fruita, CO on July 29 and 30 with a huge selection of bit and bridle options to try.

Prior to trying out options, Kim also will do a mouth analysis on each horse to identify issues

that may be creating bit-fitting problems. This is a great educational opportunity to learn proper

bit fitting, even if you are not currently having bitting issues with your horse.

More information and sign up here:

Location: Roy Yates Training Center 2033 J Rd. Fruita, CO 81507



  1. Grow your dressage knowledge and skills- clinics are a fabulous opportunity to fill in gaps in your current riding and training practices. 

  2. Test your horse in a new environment – Dressage clinics can be a great first step to showing. They provide an opportunity to get off-property and test your horse in an unfamiliar environment. This way you can test both your horse’s nerves and your own, before putting the time, effort, and energy—not to mention money— into attending a show. 

  3. Network with other riders and trainers – attending a dressage clinic can be a way to meet new riders from all over the area. It can also be a great bonding experience if you go with another rider from your barn or training program! 

From 14 Practical Tips to Elevate your Dressage Clinic Experience by Jane Banta


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