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GVDS promotes continual-learning opportunities through its sponsored clinics and by helping to promote clinics put on by its members. These clinics offer a wide variety of opportunities be it through mounted lessons, lunging lessons, or dismounted body-work sessions. Throughout the year, you can find clinics that offer new perspectives and information that will help both you and your horse advance in your journey together.


15 - 16
A two-day symposium and ride-a-test Clinic with Debbie Riehl Rodriguez, USDF S Dressage and Western Dressage Judge. Open to riders (GVDS/RMDS, USDF members) and auditors. 
Stirrup Cup Farm.     
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A Judge's View from 'C'



  1. Grow your dressage knowledge and skills- clinics are a fabulous opportunity to fill in gaps in your current riding and training practices. 

  2. Test your horse in a new environment – Dressage clinics can be a great first step to showing. They provide an opportunity to get off-property and test your horse in an unfamiliar environment. This way you can test both your horse’s nerves and your own, before putting the time, effort, and energy—not to mention money— into attending a show. 

  3. Network with other riders and trainers – attending a dressage clinic can be a way to meet new riders from all over the area. It can also be a great bonding experience if you go with another rider from your barn or training program! 

From 14 Practical Tips to Elevate your Dressage Clinic Experience by Jane Banta

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