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Become a Member - Join GVDS

GVDS connects members through the GVDS website, newsletters, and social media to provide the latest news on clinicians, education programs, competitions, and services in our local and surrounding areas. Join today as a new member or renew your current membership to continue receiving GVDS benefits.


Become a GVDS/RMDS Participating Member:

Best if you plan on competing at USDF Recognized or RMDS Approved shows.

Become a GVDS Associate:

Best if you only want GVDS-preferred access to GVDS sponsored clinics and programs, will only compete at schooling shows or in Western Dressage, or have a business you would like to promote throughout the GVDS Community.


We know that there are a lot of acronyms to navigate when you first become a member of our club: GVDS, RMDS, USDF. It gets confusing to know just who requires what. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

How long does it take to process my membership?
GVDS/RMDS Participating Membership applications done through RMDS membership software are automated and processed immediately and a member profile is created.  Mail-in memberships take seven -ten business days.

I have a show tomorrow. Can I receive my card immediately?

  • GVDS/RMDS Participating Memberships are available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will be able to prove your GVDS/RMDS membership by showing the secretary a receipt for membership payment.

  • GVDS Associate applications are available in the Secretary’s office. You must sign up as a GVDS Associate before your first ride for your scores to count at that show. If you have submitted an application through the mail, your membership application must be postmarked prior to the show date for your scores will count, but you will not have proof of membership by show time. You will receive a welcome email from the President which can be used as proof of membership. 

I had a show last weekend. Can GVDS backdate my membership so that my scores count towards year end awards?
Unfortunately, unless you joined at the show prior to scores being earned or mailed your application so that it has a postmark before the scores were earned, we are unable to backdate your membership.


I am confused about the USDF Memberships. Is that included with my GVDS/RMDS dues. How do I know what type of USDF membership I need, especially for competitions?
When you join GVDS, part of your dues are passed through to USDF on your behalf and you are given a USDF Group Membership. Group Memberships are sufficient for fulfilling USDF membership requirements for participation in USEF/USDF licensed competitions and for earning scores towards your USDF Rider Awards.  However, you must apply to USDF for a participating membership if you plan to compete in USDF Qualifying Shows.  Additionally, you will need to obtain a lifetime registration for your horse, to complete in qualifying classes for USDF Regional Championships and the Great American Insurance Group Finals (Nationals), and to have your scores count toward USDF End of Year Awards. Note: You will also need a USEF Adult Amateur designation to compete in classes specific to adult amateur riders.

How can I prove my membership?
Members may prove their membership for educational and showing purposes in the following ways:

  • For GVDS Associates, by printing the welcome letter from the President of GVDS.

  • For GVDS/RMDS members by printing your membership card from the RMDS website:

I have questions about becoming a member and/or renewing my membership – who do I contact?
We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  Contact Grand Valley Dressage Society at for any questions. For questions specific to RMDS, you may contact the Central Office at

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