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Solving the Bit Fitting Mystery
Bit and Bridle Fitting with Kim Gentry from Bits and Such
July 29 and 30, 2024 Roy Yates Training Center 2033 J Rd. Fruita, CO 81507

Kim Gentry from Bits and Such, will be in Fruita on the afternoon of July 29 and the morning of July 30 for bit and bridle fittings.
Kim is an international Grand Prix rider who has a passion for making sure horses are comfortable in their tack. She is sought after for her expertise in analyzing the horse’s mouth and identifying the correct type of bit or bridle to achieve the greatest comfort. She travels with a suitcase full of bits and bridles to try during her fittings.
Each session begins with you riding your horse in its own bridle and bit, followed by Kim analyzing the mouth structure of your horse and making recommendations based on her analysis. She will recommend you try one or multiple bits to see if there are changes in the horse’s comfort and way of going. She also carries several bridles to try, if there are issues with proper bridle fitting creating discomfort in your horse.
The sessions may seem pricey, but getting a bit or bridle that fits without ordering blindly will save you money in the long run. Many bits cost $150 or more and cannot be returned. This is a rare opportunity to try a wide variety of bits and bridles under the watchful eye of an expert with extensive experience with bitting problems. She can correct many of the issues with a bit and/or bridle change. If you are having ANY issues with your horse feeling heavy in the contact, afraid of the contact, chewing the bit too vigorously, having tension, or tongue or mouth issues, your horse will thank you for signing up.


For auditors, this is a great learning opportunity to learn more about the fit of bits and bridles and learn which will create the most comfort for your horse. Those signed up to have their horse fitted may audit both days free. Kim is very interactive with participants and auditors alike, so watching multiple sessions is recommended.
People who have used Kim to help find the right bit and bridle have been amazed at how much better their horse moves when they are paired with the correct equipment. Read here for clinic testimonial:

Here are few things you will need to do prior and during the clinic:

Condition your tack so it is pliable!! Buckles that are tough to open and close really slow the process down and can irritate the horse. ***Please make sure that bridle cheek piece and rein buckles are clean and pliable! We will be swapping bits out often and it is much easier if these parts are clean and easy to open and close.

  • Bring a halter to take your horse back to the barn/trailer with when we are finished with your session.

  • All riders are required to wear approved safety helmets.

  • Participants and auditors are encouraged to watch as many sessions as much as possible as every session is unique and we often have great dialogs about each session!

  • No video taping please! Small clips of horses riding in different bits for the benefit of the rider and /or owner are ok.

  • Please complete and sign the attached release and application. Kim will also have a form for you to sign.

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Cost per fitting session:

Snaffle Bridle: $175/horse. (1 hour session)**
Double Bridle: $225/horse (1 1/2 hour session)**
Both Snaffle and Double: $275/horse (1 1/2 hour session)**
1Bridle fitting only: $100/horse (1/2 hour session)

Audit half day: $35; Audit full day $50

** Bridle fitting is included in the Snaffle and Double Bridle Fittings

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Snaffle Bridle

1Bridle fitting only

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Double Bridle

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Audit half day

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Both Snaffle and Double

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Audit full day

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