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Our Sponsors

GVDS could not achieve our goals without the help, support, and enthusiasm of our sponsors. As you participate in programs and activities this year, know that the business and individuals on this list helped to make them happen. A big Thank-You to all of our sponsors!

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Intermediate Level
platinum backgroud.jpg
Platinum Level
horse in sport.png

The Horse in Sport

Tiger Adams

ibd log.png
Performance Equine new5.png
Fagan farms off of card.png

Fagan Farms,LLC

Tammy Fagan

Roaring-Fork-Color logo.png

Above Code Homes

Brian Schultz


Megan Bretey Dressage

Megan Bretey

Mike's Auto Logo

Mike's Auto

K.C. Bretey

Cedar Creek Dressage.png

Cedar Creek Dressage, LLC

Dr. Susan Schneider

Roy Yates Horse Training, Inc.

Jen Hibpshman

Pat Card

gold backgroud.jpg
Gold Level
epm logo.png

Equine Performance Massage

Krista Nobilo

Intrinsic body works.png

Intrinsic Body Works

Karin Denny

Doubletree Vet Clinic.png

Doubletree Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Jeffrey Burnham, DVM, PhD

Sophia Harris Logo.png

Versatile Equine

Sophia Harris

Linda Chadwick-Wirth

Karen Harkin

down to earth dressage logo.png
silver background.png
Silver Level
murdoch logo.webp


horsdeorves logo.png

Arlene Rhodes

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