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GVDS Logo dk grey.png

Grand Valley Dressage Society

Youth Summer Camp

June 24-26, 9 AM – 4 PM

Grand Valley Dressage Society (GVDS) is offering a 3 Day Youth Camp for kids 9-18.

Camp Organizer:  Barbara Progess

Location:  Mesa County Fairgrounds

Cost: For all three days is $75

Registration Deadline: June 14, 2024


The camp will be centered around horse management skills such as braiding, bandaging, groundwork, care and first aid. It’s all about learning to be a horse owner some day. But it is also about enjoying your ponies, so the afternoons will be dedicated to riding games or group lessons.

A horse will be needed for this camp. The $75 will pay for your day stall and breakfast. You will need to bring a sack lunch. Several local dressage professionals and Grand Valley Dressage members are donating their time and
talents to this camp experience, so it will be packed with educational activities and fun.

Preference will be given to Grand Valley Dressage members and associates for the limited space available. If you wish to join, here is the membership link:

If interested contact Barbara Progess or 801 721-7111

Parents can volunteer as chaperones or lunch providers . This volunteer time can be donated to your child for necessary volunteer hours to qualify for GVDS Year End Awards. You will find the volunteer subjects at the following link: Signup link :

Tentative Camp Schedule:

MONDAY June 24 :  9:00-10:30    Bandaging – Different types of bandages & boots and how to apply them.
                                   10:30-11:15  Basics  - Horse care
                                   11:15-12:00. Basic ground handling -leading, ground work, haltering

                                   Afternoon:        Teach Lunging-older kids
                                                              Younger kids: Leading (stop,go,turn)
                                   GAMES :           Around the world
                                                             Red Light/Green light
                                                             Pass the Tennis ball

TUESDAY June 25:       9:00-10:00.  Body parts of the horse, colors, conformation
                                      10:00-11:00  Care & Equine First Aid Box, vital signs, lameness
                                      11:00-12:30  Braiding


                                      Riding GAMES:   Ribbon Chase
                                                                   Leading Musical chairs

WEDNESDAY June 26:      9:00-10-00.   Turnout -Horse & Rider  (clinics, schooling shows, Recognized shows)
                                            10:00-11:30   The proper Tack & Cleaning


                                            Afternoon Riding:             Leap frog in line (Judi)
                                                                                       Follow the leader thru an agility course 
                                                                                       Pas de Deux     
                                            *Smaller kids will have an assistant with them during riding activities

Here is how you get signed up!

Step One: Register

Camp Registration

Step Two: Make your payment!

Rider fees:   $75 for entire camp.  (includes 3 day stalls with shavings)

If paying by Check:  Make Payable to GVDS.  


                                  2242 Signal Rock Court

                                  Grand Junction,  CO  81505-8305. 

Pay Now via Venmo:

Venmo ID: @GVDS1

& GVDS Associates 
Pay Now via PayPal:
& GVDS Associates 
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Congratulations! You are all signed up!

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