Horse and rider at clinic in Montrose, CO.

Member-Sponsored Clinics

Sarah & Clayton Martin

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Sarah & Clayton come regularly to both the Grand Junction and Montrose areas. Their program emphasizes the systematic development of both horse and rider through an approach that blends the two worlds of Dressage and Natural Horsemanship in a natural fit of balance, harmony, and "horse sense." Motivated students, they both are constantly seeking education from many sources, and draw on their background with nearly every style of English and Western riding to help educate their students. 

Sarah, a US Dressage Federation Gold Medalist and a member of the Faculty for the US Dressage Federation Trainer and Instructor program, has been teaching and training National and International level riders and their horses for over 30 years. 

Clayton, a USDF Silver Medalist and a USDF Certified Instructor through 4th level, works with developing horses from green to Grand Prix in long lines as well as under saddle. 

For information on Montrose-area clinics, contact Linda Chadwick-Wirth 970-773-1480

Upcoming Montrose dates:

  • Clayton: June 12 & 13

  • Sarah - July 11 & 12 (Sun/Mon)

For information on Grand Junction-area clinics

contact Megan Bretey 970-250-5812

Upcoming Grand Junction dates:

  • Sarah: May 22 & 23

Gail Hoff


For information on clinics with Dr. Gail Hoff, contact Stephanie Soule 970-201-0747

Dr. Gail Hoff comes regularly in the Grand Junction area. A dressage coach, author, and clinician, she is also:

  • a USEF Licensed: S Dressage Judge; R Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Judge; and R Western Dressage Judge

  • a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist with all medals earned on self-trained horses.

  • a PhD Biologist


The author of the Harmonic dressage books, Dr. Hoff believes that non-verbal communication between horse and rider is the most basic foundation of dressage and has developed the Harmonic Dressage® Learn Clear methodology for riding and training .


Karin Denny,  MSc Biomechanics

 “A sense of well-being with present moment awareness is the basis for leading a fulfilled life in pursuit of one’s heart desires.” 


A lifelong athlete and 30-year ergonomic movement instructor, bodyworker & bio-mechanist, Karin Denny has a passion for supporting people & equines – in erasing unnecessary discomfort and struggles in their partnership on their path to success. As owner of Intrinsic Body Works she specializes in bodywork treatments alongside self-treatment plans  and rider biomechanics analysis & solutions for equestrians and their four-legged partners. 


Karin will help you uncover and address subconscious cause-and-effect relationships within your movements, postures, thoughts and beliefs, which is the first step in resolving them for you and your horse. Results are marked by resolution of: pain and discomfort; effects of trauma & injury; harmful compensatory patterns & inflammation; performance plateaus & blocks; signs of accelerated aging.


Karin offers two types of services for the equestrian community: ongoing series of Bodywork & Functional Movement Sessions, available both in her studio and via Zoom; and Biomechanics & Solutions Riding Sessions for you and your horse.

Upcoming series and clinic dates:

  • Sensory Feedback & Rider Biomechanics Clinic; Saturday, July 10. Location: Mary Pat & Hank Hotze Farm, Montrose. More details.

For information contact

Karin Denny


Sue Martin

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Sue Martin, is a nationally-known dressage instructor and rider. Sue has been an instructor of many top riders, and has trained multiple horses to Grand Prix.

June 25 - 27

Tiffany Ray's arena, Clifton


The clinic she did for GVDS in February received rave reviews and requests for her return. Auditors were treated to an in depth look at training at all levels. (GVDS members can view the video of her Saturday night talk to the club.)


This clinic is for riders wishing to work on specific training goals for the individual horse and rider combination and auditors who enjoy being included in training discussions. Both western and English riders, are welcome. 

More information on clinic and sign-up form

For information on clinics with Sue Martin,

contact Judi DeVore  970-210-3418.