Horse and rider at clinic in Montrose, CO.

Member-Sponsored Clinics

Monique Horsemanship Clinic, Jan 7 & 8   CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER; TO BE RESCHEDULED

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Using her background in natural horsemanship as taught by Buck Brannaman, Monique seeks to make horses safer and happier, and ultimately to help you have a better connection and relationship with your horse. Monique gets to the root of the issue you are having with your horses in a way that bridges natural horsemanship with dressage and other disciplines.  

This clinic will provide you another avenue to work your horse during the winter's wet and snowy conditions.  Lessons will be ground work and/or riding depending on what you want to work on with your horse.


Why Monique Horsemanship?

  • Are you having a problem with your horse and don’t know how to fix it?

  • Did you know that the way you’re handling your horse daily could be contributing to some of your horse's problems?

  • Are you aware that learning how to do something as simple as lead your horse correctly can completely change the success and feel of your ride? 

Monique Can Help:

  • Facilitate a better connection and relationship between you and your horse

  • Find simple solutions for common problems like pulling, spooking, distraction, obstinance, and more 

  • Teach proper application of ground work and manners that create a relaxed, focused, and happier horse 

  • Break down and better understand horse behavior 

  • Solve problems by getting to the root of the cause

For more information on Monique:

Monique Horsemanship website

Horse and Rider magazine

Clinic info

$115/session + $10-$15 haul-in fee/session

Location TBD 


Limited sessions/day. 


Let Megan know ASAP if you intend to participate and if you want one session or two. Or contact her for any additional information.


call/text: 970.250.5812 

Sue Martin, February 18 & 19

 Sue Martin, is a nationally-known dressage instructor and rider.  Sue has been an instructor to many top riders and has trained multiple horses to Grand Prix.  


Sue has been coming regularly to Grand 

Junction for the past year and riders of all levels have been excited about their lessons and progress with her.  Auditing is encouraged and FREE.


Both western and English riders, are welcome.


Opening Date: January 10, 2022 

Closing Date: February 5, 2022 

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