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GVDS presents a

Cavalletti and Prix Caprilli Clinic


Cavaletti Day 

Sat, May 1

Prix Caprilli Day 

Sun, May 2

Prix caprilli.jpeg

Grand Valley Dressage Society (GVDS) will be hosting a Prix Caprilli and Cavalletti Clinic with a local trainer, Tammy Fagan. This clinic will be a welcome change of pace for riders and horses alike. Add some cross training and mental break before the real show season begins.


• Cavalletti has an array of benefits for the horse including improved suppleness, Gymnasticizing the horse, Loosening the musculature, and improved rhythm and balance.

• Prix Caprilli adds variety to the horses work, jumping is a great cross training exercise and encourages lift in the horses steps and loosens the shoulders


This clinic is open to all riders, but priority will be given to Grand Valley Dressage Society members so JOIN TODAY! All are welcome to audit. Please take advantage of this opportunity!


- $40 Individual Lesson

-45 minutes $25 per person semi-private lesson-1 hour


Clinic Location: Fagan Farms LLC 1257 Q Road Loma CO 81524


Contact Megan Bretey for more information. 

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