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Ready For Some Fun?  Join Us For A Cavaletti Play Day!


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 Wednesday, May 5, 2024

Roy Yates Horse Training Center, 2033 J Road, Fruita, CO


Cavaletti exercises are a great opportunity for horses and riders of all ages and levels to get in some gymnastic work regardless of the horse's chosen dressage discipline.  It strengthens a horse’s muscles and helps to develop rhythm and suppleness. 

Working with poles and cavaletti isn’t just a gymnastic work-out, it’s also fun – and not just for the rider!  All horses enjoys a little variety in training and most horses take great joy in learning a new activity..  

Cavaletti work can also improve the cadence of your horse’s gaits. The cavaletti exercises can help develop a much more expressive and powerful trot even on an average moving horse.  Additionally, cavaletti work can help identify weaknesses in our horse's bodies and help to create balance and symmetry.

During Jec Ballou's recent presentation, she introduced participants to some excellent cavaletti exercises taken from her book 55 Corrective Exercises For Horses.  Several of these exercises will be the foundation for our Cavaletti Play Day.

So how can you get involved?  Join us on Wednesday, May 5, 2024.
(We had to reschedule due to rain!) at Roy Yates Horse Training, 2033 J Road in Fruita..  Small groups of riders will have one hour of guided instruction through a variety of cavaletti and pole exercises, designed to be ridden at the walk, trot or canter.  Many of the exercises can be done from the ground, if that is the rider's preference.  

Preregistration is required to manage group sizes.  Each group session will last approximately one hour, beginning at 1 PM.



  • $25/person RMDS/GVDS members & GVDS Associates

  • $35/person non-members

Payment accepted via:  

  • Venmo (@gvds1 or Grand Valley Dressage) 

  • PayPal ( [additional $5 fee for PayPal]

  • Check:  mail to:   GVDS

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                                    Grand Junction, CO  81505-8305

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