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Scribing 101

Two options to attend this training:

ZOOM Attendance or Live In-Person!

March 23,2024 - 9am-12noon


Have you always wanted to scribe for a judge, but you need to learn how to do it and want some practice before an actual show? Then this class is for you! 

GVDS member and scribe extraordinaire, Amber Benson, will teach you the basic rules, plus tips and tricks to become a successful scribe. 

You’ll learn:

•      A wide variety of scribing responsibilities

•      What and where (and when) to write

•      What to do if you make a mistake (and when to correct it!)

•      What to say and not say to the judge and exhibitors

Live In-person training will be held at:

Ridgeline Community Center in Spyglass Ridge

2694 Lookout Lane

Grand Junction, CO  81503



  • $25 per participant  by check payable to GVDS and sent to: GVDS, 2242 Signal Rock Court, Grand Junction, CO  81505-8305

  • Deadline for mail payments to receive Zoom  information and handouts is March 20th;

Electronic Payment:​

  • $30 per participant paid through PayPal: ($30)

  • Venmo: ($25) @gvds1

  • Deadline for Venmo or PayPal payments is March 22

Zoom link and handouts will be emailed upon receipt of payment.


Direct questions to: Judi DeVore

Virtual Attendance:  on ZOOM

Registration & Payment

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